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The DuVall family in this country can trace it's roots back to 15th century France. My branch of this family can trace it roots through to Mareen DuVall The Elder who immigrated to America in the 17th century. He settled in Anne Arundel County, MD and the family spread out from there. My great-grandmother's (Ella Maude Duvall) family stayed in Maryland.


John DeVall
father of
Lawrence DeVall
father of
William DuVall
father of
Massiott DuVall
father of
Thomas DuVall
father of
Mareen DuVall, The Immigrant
father of
Mareen Duvall, The Younger
father of
Mareen DuVall, III
father of
Joseph DuVall, Sr.
father of
Joseph DuVall, Jr.
father of
Nathan Thomas DuVall
father of
Thomas Jefferson DuVall
father of
Mareen DuVall, The Immigrant
father of
Mareen Duvall, The Younger
father of
Samuel DuVall
father of
Samuel DuVall, Jr.
father of
Tobias DuVall
father of
Barton DuVall
father of
James Edward DuVall - private
1st MD Cavalry, CSA
~Company E
~Captain Wm. I. Rasin's Cavalry Co.-Winder Cavalry - Maryland Line
~enlisted 11/14/1862 at Richmond for the duration of the war
~came with horse valued at $230.00
~use and risk of horse $42.80
~present 2/28/1863
~present 7/1863
~admitted CSA Hospital Charlottesville 8/15/1863
~returned to duty 8/19/1863
~9-10/1863 -absent - placed in charge of disabled horses
~present 11-12/1863
~horse died in camp at Hanover Junction 1/15/1864
~request to go for another put in on 2/16/1864 - time required 15 days
~present 4/1864
~deserted his unit at Harrisonburg, VA.
~POW captured at Bladensburg, MD 12/12/1864
~sent to Old Capital Prison by Provost Marshall
~admitted to Old Capital Prison Hospital 2/3/1865 - sick
~received at Elmira Prison 2/4/1865
~applied to take the oath of allegiance 12/13/1864 stating that his father is old and blind and needs support
~released 2/13/1865 on orders of the Secretary of War though Judge Advocate L. C. Turner
~in addition to taking the oath, was made to swear not to travel south of Philadelphia unless in the service of the US
~description given on amnesty documents: blue eyes, light complexion, auburn hair, 5'10 1/2"

***James was my great-grandmother's uncle. Her father, Charles, was too you to fight.

  Ferdinand DuVall  - private/Captain
2nd Battallion MD Infantry
~Company C (Maryland Line)
~Archer's Brigade, Heth's Division
~enlisted 8/30/1862 at Richmond for 3 years or the war
~b. 1834 in Bright Seat (Millersville), Anne Arundel Co., MD
~present 10/1862 in Winchester
~elected to Captain 10/12/1862
~present 12/1862 near New Market
~admitted to Hospital #4 7/22/1863 - gunshot wound right knee
~furloughed for 40 days 7/27/1863~present 2/29 - 3/31/1864
~absent sick - admitted to Hospital #4 Richmond 7/11/64 - dysentery
~furloughed 8/9/64
~absent wounded 9/30/1864 - shot upper right thigh at Pegram's Farm near Petersburg
~present on the lines at Petersburg 11/29/1864
~admitted Stuart Hospital, Richmond 12/3/1864 for gunshot wound
~returned to duty 2/26/1865
~admitted Stuart Hospital 3/8/1865 - scabies
~returned to duty 3/9/1865~POW - Hatcher's Run VA - 4/2/1865
~transferred from Old Capital Prison to Johnson's Island 4/9/1865
~took oath of allegiance and released 6/18/1865
~description given on documents: dark complexion, dark hair, blue eyes, 5'7" tall, age -30
~applied to the U.S. District Attorney (MD district) for a pardon 9/20/1865

Mareen DuVall, The Immigrant
father of
Mareen Duvall, The Younger
father of
Mareen DuVall, III
father of
Ephraim DuVall
father of
Mareen Burgess DuVall
father of
Mareen Merriken DuVall
father of



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Compiled Service Records of Confederate Soldiers who served in Organizations from the State of Maryland
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The knowledge of my father Christopher D. DeVier and his two elder brothers, Clinton M. DeVier and Charles W. DeVier, Jr.
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