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Thomas Jefferson DuVall

      Shoemaker          Watchman - Wise Bros.
8/15/1814 - 9/14/1891

Jane E. Foreman DuVall

10/16/ 1820 - 2/8/1897

 Baltimore Cemetery,    2500 E. North Avenue   Baltimore, MD

Jane Foreman DuVall with an unknown grandchild - she is identified on the back in my father's handwriting.

Most of the following information has been gleaned from the Foreman/DuVall family bible, which was given to me by my father after the death of my grandmother. It had belonged to her mother Ella and when Ella died, Grammy came into possession of it. When Grammy passed away in 1985, my father found it and passed it on to me knowing that it contained a plethora of family information and knowing my interest in the family tree. Dad had no clue how to tie things together and wasn't really interested, but I had already begun asking questions before my grandmother died and had been given a box of photographs of the DuValls. The photographs are labeled on the back with full names in most cases, which enabled me to tie them directly into names and dates listed in the bible.  It is 200 years old and was purchased in Philadelphia for $5.00 by Joshua Forman, the father of Jane Foreman. It is very fragile and has therefore spent most of it's tenure with me wrapped in plastic wrap, secured in one of dad's old meter boxes. I zeroxed the pages years ago and am just getting around to sorting through the information. I know who most of the people - it was just a matter of putting it all in some kind of clear, coherent order. Between this fantastic source, Maryland Marriage Records and Baltimore Census records - I've been able to put together more generations of my family.

Thomas Jefferson DuVall was the son of Nathan Thomas DuVall (b. abt 1787 d. 8/25/1853) and Elizabeth Glover. Thomas and Elizabeth were married according to bible records on December 31, 1807. They had seven children:
~Mary Carroll DuVall b.1/2/1809 - d. 9/7/1844 married a man named Clark
~Elizabeth Ann DuVall b. 9/25/1811 - d. 1/12/1844 married a man named Burns, probably the brother of Lucy's husband
~Thomas Jefferson b. 8/15/1814 - d. 9/14/1891 married Jane Foreman
~James Madison DuVall b. 10/13/1816 - d. 9/15/1881 married Elizabeth J. McFarland (per census records)
~Sarah Jane DuVall b. 5/12/1819 - d. ???? married William H. Forley
~George Washington DuVall b. 4/30/1822 - d. 4/18/1897 married Ruth Ann Harker
~Lucy Ellen DuVall b. 2/10/1825 - d. 3/13/1854 married John Thomas Burns

Thomas lived in Baltimore were he worked as a shoemaker. His brother James was also a shoemaker as was his brother George. Thomas and his wife Jane were the parents of 12 boys. Five of the boys died very young - only 7 grew to manhood. Baltimore, particularly the Fells Points area were the family lived, was subject to smallpox, yellow fever and measles epidemics around the time of their deaths so is possible that one of these was the cause. The family bible only lists dates and times, and the tiny graves in Baltimore Cemetery are illegible so it is unknown what they died from.

Per the book "Mareen DuVall of Middle Plantation" - Mary DuVall (b. 1767) the widow of Joseph DuVall resided in Baltimore Town. When she applied for her widow's pension on Sept 23, 1844, she stated that her husband has served between 1777 and 1780. Although her family bible had been lost - she was the mother of three children, Nathan, Eli and and an unnamed daughter, and grandmother to 18. All sorts of human depositions were made to prove the marriage and the services of her husband. (pp. 275-276) Nathan (and I believe this is the same Nathan) served as a private in the 51st MD Militia during the War of 1812. He married his wife Elizabeth Glover on Jan 1, 1807 in Annapolis. This is the Nathan and Elizabeth that are listed in the family bible. John D. Foreman and Thomas DuVall certified to the marriage. (p. 558) These two gentleman are also listed in the family bible.

Jane Foreman was the daughter of Joshua Forman and Rebekah (Rebecca) Cook. She was born in Philadelphia in 1820 and moved to Baltimore when she married. She had five brothers and a sister:
~William Foreman b. 1811- d. 1814
~Henry Cole Foreman b. 9/25/1813 - d. 10/30/1847 married Catherine Kroah
~Joseph E. Foreman b. 10/25/1815 - d. ??? married Mary Jane Davis
~John D. Foreman b. 5/16/1818 - d. 10/11/1860 married Eleanor Binton
~Jane E. Foreman b. 1820 - d. 2/8/1897 married Thomas Jefferson DuVall
~Rebekah Foreman b. 12/17/1823 - d. 5/30/1830
~Joshua A. Foreman b. 1/21/1829 - d. ???? married (per census records) a woman named Tillie

All of Jane's siblings were born in Philadelphia, but most moved to Baltimore upon marriage. Jane and Thomas were married in Baltimore City - Fells Point in 1837. The area was considered to be a "den of pirates" by the British during the War of 1812, simply because of the number of "privateers" turned out by the ship yards. The waterfront was home to merchants and sea captains and did a bustling business and two of Thomas's sons worked in dry goods. They had 13 sons. All are listed in the family and in census records from 1860, 1870 and 1880. Six died young and 7 lived to grow up, marry and have children of their own. There were:

John William H. DuVall b. 2/9/1839 - d. 11/18/ 1841  died aged 3 years 9 months
Thomas Joshua DuVall b. 3/20/1840 - d. ????  married Frances A. Egleston ( 5 children)
James Edward DuVall b. 11/30/1841 - d. 3/7/1903  married Katherine Sankey ( 3 children)
William Clark DuVall b. 1/17/1844 - d. 10/1852  died aged 8 years 9 months
George Washington DuVall b. 9/14/1845 - d. 4/18/1897  married to Mary Bell Phillips (3 children)
Henry Cole Foreman DuVall b. 11/14/1846 - d. 11/28/1847  died aged 1 year

John Wesley DuVall b. 12/11/1848 - d. 8/1852  died age 3 years 8 months
Charles Wesley DuVall b. 5/5/1850 - d. 9/1851  died aged 1 year 4 months
Charles Wesley DuVall b. 10/5/1851 - d. 3/6/1923  married Margaret Sylvia (6 children)
Louis Marion DuVall b.3/4/1855 - d. 12/24/1912  married Laura Kauffman (1 child)
Richard Menton Johnson Harker DuVall b.12/11/1857 - d. ????  married Clara M._______ (1 child)
Joseph Henry DuVall b. 6/30/1860 - d. ????  married Annie Loney (1 child)
William Fensley DuVall b. 10/1862 - d. 8/1863  died aged 9 months

         George W. DuVall               Mary Bell Phillips              Louis Marion DuVall        Edna May DuVall (his daughter)

     Charles Wesley DuVall             Margaret Sylvia             Joseph Henry DuVall                Annie Loney





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